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On My Way Home

Final Master Project at LUCA School of Arts, 2022

“On My Way Home” is a picture book for adults

that deals with the theme of nostalgia and

the challenge of starting a new life

in an unfamiliar place far from home.

The story is set in the Cinquantenaire park, in the city of Brussels, where a young woman usually walks to collect her thoughts and immerse herself in nature. This place gives her solace, but at the same time makes her feel the loss of what she has left behind.

It is the sight of the exotic parakeets living in the park that makes her realise that adapting to this new home might be possible

for her too.

Selected - Autori di Immagini, Annual 2023

Gold medal Autori di Immagini,

Annual 2023

Shortlisted Communication Arts 2023,

Illustration Competition

Runner-up Creative Quarterly 70

Chosen winner American Illustration 42

Longlisted World Illustration Awards 2023

Merit Award 3x3 Mag Illustration Show 2023

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